1-6 Early Learning Program

Our clinic programs promotes the skills needed to be successful in the school environment by providing a B-3, and 3-6 ABA curriculum that focuses on building foundational skills, classroom routines (including regulations and rules that children will see in a traditional school), group learning, and of course play, social, and Independent Living skills, along with speech therapy, parent training, and supervision by a BCBA.

Three service times offered:

9:15AM - 12:15PM

12:45PM - 3:45PM

(and 9:15AM-3:45PM)

We accept most Medicaid and Private insurances.

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In-Home ABA Therapy

 ​We offer in-home programs for ages 1-20, though for younger ages, we may encourage our clinic early learning program or a hybrid program.

We do not provide evening in-home services, but we do provide social skill groups in the evenings. 

Family Time

Social Skills Groups

Our passion lies in teaching the "soft skills" needed to be more successful in a wide range of social settings!  We are committed to teaching communication, play and social skills via a behavior analytic framework with an emphasis on natural environment teaching & role play. We utilize only evidence-based practices and serve learners with special educational needs ages 1.5-18. Our focus is on getting to know the unique needs of each of our participants  and their families in order to tailor a program to meet those needs successfully.

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