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Sarah Golan, Clinic Director, BCBA

Hello! My name is Sarah and I have had the privilege of working with Focused Behavior Solutions since 2018! I worked at our Spokane, WA and west Nebraska locations for several years before the opportunity arose to oversee a new location in western Washington. Now I have the honor of serving primarily preschool-age kiddos at our adorable little Montesano clinic in Grays Harbor. I am a born and raised "harborite" and so grateful to be able to serve the community that I grew up in.

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, gardening, cooking, and decorating! I believe a calm, aesthetic environment can provide a more soothing and productive therapy space. I have a 2 year old son who equally enjoys outdoors, gardening, and my cooking! Together we like to go for walks around the community and play mud kitchen (as little boys do).

I am passionate about my role as a parent and how the marriage of ABA and parenting can provide healthful and constructive behavior in and outside the home! I love collaborating with other parents on how to implement attainable behavior-based strategies in the home to lead to more effective behavior, easier daily routine, and better quality family time."

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633 East Pioneer

Suite B

Montesano, WA

Our little clinic in Montesano, WA offers ABA Programs for ages 1-6.

Our clinic programs promotes:

-the skills needed to be successful in the school environment by providing an individualized treatment plan that focuses on building foundational skills, classroom routines (including regulations and rules that children will see in a traditional school), group learning, and of course play, social, and independent living skills.

All children have a 1:1 therapist who focuses on your child's individualized plan.

If you are ready to talk about services and what this could look like for your family, please fill out the Google form below and someone will reach out to you within a week to discuss your options!

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